Who's Who?

Who's Who?

Group Scout Leader(GSL) Rita Pethick - gslrita@1strcsg.co.uk

Beaver Scout Leader (BSL) Jacqueline Limburn

Assistant Beaver Scout Leader (ABSL) Helen Baker

Assistant Beaver Scout Leader (ABSL) Simon Ward

Cub Scout Leader(CSL) Stephen Pethick

Assistant Cub Scout Leader (ACSL) Elliott Fendle

Assistant Cub Scout Leader (ACSL) Nathan Kavanagh

Scout Leader (SL) Brian Pethick

Assistant Scout Leader (ASL) Alastair Pethick

Assistant Scout Leader (ASL) Mark Snelgrove


The Group Executive Committee is made up of volunteer parents/guardians and comprises of at least the following members:

Chairman Neil Phillips - chair@1strcsg.co.uk

Treasurer Jackie Jones - treasurer@1strcsg.co.uk

Secretary Alison Eastman - secretary@1strcsg.co.uk

Group Scout Leader Rita Pethick

Ex-officio Members:

Beaver Scout Leader - Jacqueline Limburn

Cub Scout Leader- Stephen Pethick

Scout Leader- Brian Pethick

Elect members of the Group Scout Council to serving on the Group Executive Committee

Emma-Claire Patterson

Please speak to a leader if you are interested in joining.